Venuzi Pit Paste Deodorant 30ml Combos


30ml sizes, perfect for travelling or handy in your bag or desk. Emergency Natural Deodorant Jars. 

We'll send you two of your choice or feel free to get one scent for you and someone you'd like to help smell better, sharing is caring

Deodorant dessert for your skin.

Six week supply

Has - *organic unrefined shea butter, *organic unrefined virgin coconut oil, *organic corn starch, *organic sodium hydrogen carbonate, **phytowax (vegan), *organic hemp seed oil, **essential oils. Doesn’t have harmful chemicals.

Detox Paste, has *organic micronised zeolite powder, NO Bicarbonate. 

*Certified vegan organic ingredient. **All natural vegan ingredient.

Directions - massage a fingertip amount under armpits. Best applied after a shower. Use within eight months after opening. Keep out of direct sunlight. Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs. Store below 28˚C.