The Annual Pit Paste Plan


Our annual subscription ensures you always have Pit Paste with a quarterly top-up sent to you directly. 

If you're anything like most Aussies, you leave buying your deodorant until you run out! There's good news for you. WE'RE like that too and we like to stock up. Given that the jars look great in your bathroom, having a few around doesn't hurt the eyes, but having a lot around... well that's just ridiculous. So, here's the plan. We'll send you three jars every three months for three years (just kidding... or are we...). All joking aside, just for a year unless you'd like to take another trip on the annual plan bandwagon. It sounded better to say three, three, three.. (marketing department). 

We've worked out that the 60ml jars last the average Aussie a month. So just pick your scent and we'll take care of the rest!

Deodorant dessert for your skin.

Has - *organic unrefined shea butter, *organic unrefined virgin coconut oil, *organic corn starch, *organic sodium hydrogen carbonate, **phytowax (vegan), *organic hemp seed oil, **essential oils. Doesn’t have harmful chemicals.

*Certified vegan organic ingredient. **All natural ingredient.

Directions - massage a fingertip amount under armpits. Best applied after a shower. Use within eight months after opening. Keep out of direct sunlight. Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs. Store below 28˚C.